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"When we started casting we were trying to find a young girl, but someone that also had more maturity. And some were pretty remarkable, and some didn’t get it. And then our lead Shae Smolik came in and we said on the spot that “This is the girl.” And you’ll be amazed that a little 10-year-old can pull it off."

- Michael G. Kehoe, Director of "The Hatred"

Shae Smolik is absolutely incredible. Total rockstar.This girl has acting chops that are going to take her so far in her career. She reminds me of someone like Natalie Portman when she was a child actress. Great talent and a great positive energy on set. When she gets angry during the movie, this 11-year old is more intimidating and badass than I am as the monster!

- Mick Ignis, The Sandman from "The Sandman"


Shae LeRae Smolik is an American actress who is known for her great energy and emotional layers that give her the ability to make her characters come to life on screen.


She has a photographic memory and can memorize entire scripts in a matter of hours. She takes direction extremely well and is able to make adjustments whenever asked to do so.


Shae has a very dynamic personality is precocious and will light up a room with her huge smile. Her facial expressions are tremendous and have pleased many directors when they are trying to get that perfect on screen look.


Shae is also an emerging Country Music recording artists and is exciting to be in the recording studio in Nashville soon!